The Door to Safety

Child-proof your home with MyBoss Door Shields


MyBoss Door Shields

As a new parent, you do all you can to child-proof your home. Electrical outlets? Check. Sharp table corners? Check. But what about the doors?­

Trapped fingers are a common household misshap. It is easy for little fingers to get caught between door hinges or have the door slammed on them by a sudden gust of wind, or when someone shuts the door without looking.

Before you blame it on bad luck, know that these door-related incidents are totally preventable –simply install door shields.

Out of harm's way
End door-to-finger injuries with the patented and innovative MyBoss Door Shields. Designed in Hong Kong, it gives parents peace of mind with its sophisticated door protection features.

Each pack includes one front shield and one rear shield to prevent finger injuries from the hinge sides of the door, both front and back. These shields cover the gaps created between the door frame and the door when it opens.

Besides being durable, these door shields are quick and easy to install. With a 1.3m-long self-adhesive strip built into the shield, no tools or screws are required at all. Still stumped? Simply follow the step-by-step installation video guide available online. When installed, you can continue to open and close your doors normally.

And they do not compromise on style! The translucent shields are designed to blend seamlessly with any door colour or finish, while protecting the family from door-related injuries. 

Best of all, this best-selling door safety product from Hong Kong is affordable at $29.90. It's suitable for doors in every home opening up to 110 degrees.

Find MyBoss Door Shields at Kiddy Palace, 1010 Mother & Child Essentials, Niche Babies and Takashimaya D.S. You can also buy it online at, and