Play With Math – 8 Out Of 10 Kids Love The Game

Maths app game DetecThink may be just what can propel Junior’s learning.


Play with Maths

Memorising the multiplication table or doing problem sums can be oh so boring, sometimes. Why not let Junior learn maths through a series of fun, interactive detective games?

DetecThink is an educational gaming app that builds core maths skills in kids aged six to 10, through experiential, immersive storytelling. It is designed to supplement the learning of fundamental concepts in school by allowing children to practise these concepts through an entertaining story-based game.

Learning Through Play
Players become fully immersed in a captivating world of detective case work, by solving a series of interactive clues that include freeing a princess and unlocking a secret suitcase, in order to crack the mystery of a missing crown.

Here's the catch: the only way to advance in the game is by completing addition and subtraction problems which progress in difficulty from one level to another.

DetecThink was founded by two mothers who passionately believe that children can learn through play. They were inspired by Bill Gates' words at an Education Commission Conference: "Imagine if kids poured their time and passion into a video game that taught them maths concepts, which they barely noticed because it was so enjoyable."

The duo took on the challenge and turned this vision into reality with DetecThink.

"As a 'can't put it down' mystery story, children do not realise they have solved almost 100 maths puzzle questions just to get to the end of the story!" says Grace Chua, co-founder of Intellipath Games, which developed DetecThink.

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