Building Life Skills is Easy, with No Homework at Stamford Education

With whole brain education, school will be plain sailing at Stamford Education.


Do you want your child to excel not just in school but also in life?

Enrol him in Stamford Education – the Largest Whole Brain Education Group in Singapore. Stamford Education not only prepares a child for school, but it also nurtures in them the skills that matter for life. These cognitive life skills equip kids to read, solve and think.  

At Stamford, there is no homework, no off-the-shelf assessment books and no stressful parental revisions. Instead, with Whole Brain Training,the school uses brain science to design a curriculum. The results? Young students can read the daily news, perform heuristics problem-solving and gain understanding and appreciation of continents and countries of the world, all before they go to primary school. 

For once-a-week enrichment programmes, the school offers Whole Brain English and Whole Brain Math classes. 

For kindergarten-equivalent daily enrichment programmes, the school offers Kinder Genius, which includes learning modules in Whole Brain English, Math, Mandarin and Global Citizenship. 

 If Junior requires daily childcare, enrol him in Stamford’s Whole Brain Childcare, which covers all of the above classes, and makes use of the school’s first-class indoor gym and outdoor obstacle courses. 

By the time your little learner is ready to enter primary school, you will be truly amazed by what he can achieve. 

With Whole Brain English, above writing compositions and comprehensions, he will learn to read and discuss the daily news. With Whole Brain Math, he will not only add and subtract, but also solve problem sums by applying heuristic methods and performing mental calculations.

Growing a global citizen, your little one will be able to recognize different countries on the map by the time he is two years old, and discuss diverse international cultures at four. When he turns six, he will be able to plan a trip to explore new cities. In time to come, you may even want to leave the overseas family vacation planning to him since he will be so familiar with the different countries!

With Stamford Education’s specialized whole brain training curriculum and methods, parents can finally have their little ones achieve all these amazing language, numeracy and international life skills, all without homework and stress!