Can your new baby sleep in an air-conditioned room?

Is it healthy for a baby to sleep in an air-conditioned room? What is the ideal temperature?

Can your newborn sleep in an air-conditioned room? 

It's really a personal choice, says Dr Yong Yin Peng, a consultant with the General and Ambulatory Paediatrics Service at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

Generally, one sleeps more comfortably in air-conditioned rooms when it’s set at a comfortable temperature of between 25 and 26 deg C. 

Dress your baby in comfortable light cotton legged rompers. 

Use a firm mattress but there is no need for blankets, pillows and bolsters in the cot, which may be hazardous to the little one. 

Sleeping in air-conditioned rooms also means you won’t get mosquitoes flying in through open windows. 

Bear in mind though that most babies are highly adaptable and they will sleep just as well with a fan when the weather is hot. 


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