How much red packet to give for Chinese New Year 2016

Singaporeans are a generous lot when it comes to giving out ang pow.

Stephanie Yeo

Singaporeans are a generous lot, judging from a street poll of 60 people by The Straits Times (ST) on Jan 26, 2016. Even though the economy isn’t doing swimmingly well, most will give out $8 to  $10 red packets – also known as ang pows or hongbao – this Chinese New Year, which falls on Feb 8.

According to the report, most of those polled thought $2 was too little. Johnson Lin, a logistics manager who intends to follow the "market rate" and give between $8 and $18 per hongbao, told ST: "Two dollars was OK 30 years ago, but now, it's really too little."

Here’s the average amount Singaporeans plan to give their nearest and dearest, according to a survey of 503 people aged 25 to 55 by United Overseas Bank:

  • Parents: $389 
  • In-laws: $232
  • Grandparents: $181 
  • Children: $124 
  • Nieces/nephews/other relatives' children: $132

Herworldplus also has recommended red packet amounts for domestic helpers ($8 or $12), your condo guard and other support staff ($6 to $8).

Singaporeans will also set aside 20 per cent more for their festive budget – $2,805 compared to $2,345, the UOB survey found. But this is because more of them plan to travel during this period.

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