5 things you must know about Eunoia JC

Netizens have had a field day poking fun at the name, but here's what parents need to know about Singapore's newest JC, Eunoia JC.

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1. Singapore’s newest JC, Eunoia JC, will open in 2017. According to news reports, it will take in 650 to 700 students.

2. Two-thirds of the students will come from Catholic High, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' (pictured) and Singapore Chinese Girls who are doing the Integrated Programme, which allows them to skip the O-levels and go straight to JC. 
The remaining one-third will come from students who did their O-levels in other secondary schools.

3. Cheang Mei Heng, the former principal of Serangoon Junior College, will head Eunoia. There will be 15 key personnel, including heads of department, and about 100 teaching staff. 
Its current advisory committee is led by Professor Su Guaning, president emeritus of Nanyang Technological University, as well as parents and former students of the three IP schools, and professionals and grassroots leaders.

4. Students will study at an interim campus in Mount Sinai until its permanent campus – located at the junction of Sin Ming Avenue and Marymount Road – is completed at the end of 2019.

5. Eunoia is pronounced "yoo-noh-iea". Of Greek origin, it means beautiful thinking and goodwill towards others.

Principal Cheang told The Straits Times that the name was chosen after several months of discussion with students and staff from the three schools, and their management committees.

Eunoia aligns with one of the school's principles – for students to be "thinkers with heart", she said. "We want students to have a broader view of life beyond themselves and contribute to the lives of other people."

But of course, netizens have had a field day making fun of the unusual name, which sounds like you-know-ah. Imagine the frustrated conversations with taxi uncles!

Local website Mothership even has a sound clip to help you out.

And the Ministry of Education showed it had a sense of humour about the affair when it posted this on its Facebook page:

(Main photo: Raj Nadarajan/SPH) 




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